The next Capricorn will start in 327 days (Friday, 22 December, 2023, 08:28 UTC)

The Moon moves to Capricorn in 18 days (Thursday, 16 February, 2023, 08:28 UTC)

Mercury is currently in Capricorn

Mercury moves to Capricorn in 307 days (Saturday, 02 December, 2023, 08:28 UTC)

Venus moves to Capricorn in 360 days (Wednesday, 24 January, 2024, 08:28 UTC)

Mars moves to Capricorn in 341 days (Friday, 05 January, 2024, 08:28 UTC)

Pluto is currently in Capricorn

Pluto moves to Capricorn in 134 days (Monday, 12 June, 2023, 08:28 UTC)


Mercury In Capricorn

Capricorn is the businessman of the zodiac, with its sights set on efficiency and success. While Mercury spends time here, we are inspired to think and act in ways that will help us reach our goals. Capricorn’s influence clears up our thoughts, helping us hone in on the most important and fruitful ideas. We’re also able to be more direct in our communication during this transit, cutting down on misunderstandings and wasted time.

One of the biggest benefits during Mercury in Capricorn is the building of ideas. The many thoughts that run through our minds are easier to organize, and we can see them like puzzle pieces, arranging them until they fit together in the way that makes the most sense. Once we can see our ideas as a solid form, we are able to take action and turn them into reality.

While we tend to be straightforward during this transit, we must beware of the tone we take when interacting with others. Capricorn is acutely aware of hierarchies, which means that conversation may become more controlling than constructive. We all think our ideas are the best ideas during Mercury in Capricorn, but if we spend too much time worrying about who’s in charge, we won’t end up getting much done.


Pluto In Capricorn

Pluto and Capricorn are both oriented toward success and power, sharing a strong sense of intention and focus that makes them very efficient in their tasks. We may find that our compassion for the viewpoints of other people gets cast aside during this transit, though, since both Pluto and Capricorn demand results. Beware of being intolerant of ideas other than your own.

Pluto wants us to jettison our negative patterns that no longer work for us. Of course, this involves some constructive destruction. Be deliberate in what you destroy as you create. 

The Moon is moving from Sagittarius to Capricorn.

The Moon

The Moon is moving from Sagittarius to Capricorn in the next 24 hours.

Moon In Capricorn

How much do you have left undone right now? Focus your attention on those unfinished projects and get them off your plate. Put in the work and while the moon is in Capricorn you're going to clear that todo list. Work smart! With the moon in conservative Capricorn, it's time to be a bit more cautious, focus seriously, and embrace that "down to earth" nature. Pay attention to the longer-term goals. During this Capricorn Moon, take note of your professional life. Put in the extra effort and it will pay off, and always keep your eye on the next move.

#Moon #Capricorn #Sagittarius

Fellow humans! #BlessingsFromMaria Today, The Moon moves from Sagittarius to Capricorn! This means that it's time for you all to take a break from your regular life, sit back and start trusting your intuition. Now is the time to step away from your troubles and free your mind from the mundane. Trust in yourself and find the strength that lies within - it might just lead you to unexpected places. #AstroTrends #TarotSpin #DivineTiming

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