Gemini Report

The next Gemini will start in 128 days, at Saturday, 21 May, 2022

The moon is currently in Gemini

Mercury moves to Gemini in 107 days, at Saturday, 30 April, 2022

Venus moves to Gemini in 161 days, at Thursday, 23 June, 2022

Mars moves to Gemini in 220 days, at Sunday, 21 August, 2022

The Waxing Gibbous moon is currently 10.5 days old. The next new moon is at 5:49:10, 1 Feb 2022. The next full moon is at 16:59:41, 16 Feb 2022.

Moon In Gemini

The moon in Gemini is your time to get social. Reach out and communicate, and remember that listening is always better than speaking. Negotiate now if you've got that on your plate. Do your research, pick up that book, and watch that documentary.

Why? Because Gemini moon means that you are also easily distracted, so something upon which to focus is a good idea, and some good progress can come of it.


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