Retrograde Report

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10 June, 2021
What's Up Today?

There are currently 3 planets in retrograde:


Mercury is currently in retrograde, with 12 days left.

Hints While Mercury Is In Retrograde

Basically don’t do anything that requires communicating, sealing the deal, travel or otherwise during this cycle. Of course, that may not be acceptable when you call into work! Alternatively, you could take the more rational approach and recognize that if you do notice a lot of things really wonking up, maybe those things could stand being corrected. Focus on ways you can make that happen, but take steps with deliberate caution (but still take those steps!). Mercury retrograde is a great time to do that housekeeping (back up your tech, tidy that garage, donate those old clothes).

Mercury Retrograde In Air Sign

Mercury is in an air sign while in retrograde, so lots of discussion will need to take place, as air signs are highly communicative. Have those conversations with everyone and elicit their opinions. Do all the research, as well. Air signs are analytical and modern, so you may get a solution that is so out of left field, you may not even have known it was possible! Use the answer that seems best for you after going through this process, and make sure you are objective and not emotional in choosing your answer.


Saturn is currently in retrograde, with 123 days left.

Hints While Saturn Is In Retrograde

Usually known as a time when things are just obnoxiously limiting, this is supposed to be a time where you look at what kind of responsibilities are important to you and how you not only handle that, but how you actually work to make that happen. Give thought to your goals. Resist the urge to grab that immediate shiny thing and let it go until later. It'll still be there.


Pluto is currently in retrograde, with 118 days left.

Hints While Pluto Is In Retrograde

Don’t expect that transformative events just kind of slow down and things mellow during this retrograde cycle, because it does not work that way. Pluto’s going backwards alright, right down into your shadow. It’s a good time to unpack some baggage lest you start projection vomiting it everywhere. And speaking of projection, pay particular attention to not projecting your issues on others. Pluto retrograde is a great time to take care of your issues.

The Moon

The moon is currently in Gemini, at 20 degrees, 03' 43", at a velocity of 11.92 degrees per day.

The New moon is currently 0 days old. It is 403476.25 km from the centre of the Earth.

The next new moon is at 1:17:43, 10 Jul 2021. The next full moon is at 2:37:27, 24 Jul 2021.

The Solar System at a Glance

Solar wind parameters were indicative of ambient conditions. Total IMF strength was mainly 2 to 4 nT and the Bz component was primarily neutral or weakly southward directed. Solar wind speed decreased from a peak of 430 km/s to speeds between 360 km/s. The phi angle was predominantly negative.

There is a 10% chance of solar activity, with a 1% chance of a minor event, a 1% chance of a moderate event, and a 1% chance of a strong event.

Planetary Motions
In Retrograde at 20 Gem 40' 42"
Mercury is currently in Gemini located at 20 Gem 40' 42"
Retrograde ends on 22 June, 2021
Mercury is in Gemini Rulership: Retrograde effects are enhanced!

Fun Fact About Mercury

Not in Retrograde
Venus is currently in Cancer located at 09 Can 40' 19"
Next Retrograde starts on 19 December, 2021
Not in Retrograde
Mars is currently in Cancer located at 29 Can 19' 46"
Next Retrograde starts on 30 October, 2022
Not in Retrograde
Jupiter is currently in Pisces located at 02 Pis 01' 10"
Next Retrograde starts on 20 June, 2021
In Retrograde at 13 Aqu 15' 22"
Saturn is currently in Aquarius located at 13 Aqu 15' 22"
Retrograde ends on 11 October, 2021
Saturn is in Aquarius Rulership: Retrograde effects are enhanced!
Not in Retrograde
Uranus is currently in Taurus located at 12 Tau 54' 09"
Next Retrograde starts on 20 August, 2021
Not in Retrograde
Neptune is currently in Pisces located at 23 Pis 08' 12"
Next Retrograde starts on 25 June, 2021
In Retrograde at 26 Cap 23' 06"
Pluto is currently in Capricorn located at 26 Cap 23' 06"
Retrograde ends on 06 October, 2021
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