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21 July, 2021
What's Up Today?

There are currently 4 planets in retrograde:


Jupiter is currently in retrograde, with 89 days left.

Hints While Jupiter Is In Retrograde

This retrograde shows you where your excess and greed might be a little out of control. It can also illuminate those areas where you’re a bit less the doer than you ought to be. That said, it will also point out where you have been leaping before you look. In other words, Jupiter retrograde is a great time to consider your actions before you take them. Resist the urge to take risks and really think about those major decisions. Better, find a project that you've put aside and dust it off! Finish it, and even bring some fresh, new attention to those things to left behind in the past.


Saturn is currently in retrograde, with 82 days left.

Hints While Saturn Is In Retrograde

Usually known as a time when things are just obnoxiously limiting, this is supposed to be a time where you look at what kind of responsibilities are important to you and how you not only handle that, but how you actually work to make that happen. Give thought to your goals. Resist the urge to grab that immediate shiny thing and let it go until later. It'll still be there.


Neptune is currently in retrograde, with 133 days left.

Hints While Neptune In In Retrograde

We get one Neptune retrograde a year but it lasts for a little over 5 months. If you have had areas of your life where you’re not being quite as honest with yourself as you should be, you might be getting your cognitive dissonance thumped pretty hard. Lies, no matter how many people tell them, no matter how much you try to convince yourself otherwise, are not the truth. Neptune retrograde is usually a time when the truth comes stomping on in and whether you sit down and look at it or not is entirely up to you.


Pluto is currently in retrograde, with 77 days left.

Hints While Pluto Is In Retrograde

Don’t expect that transformative events just kind of slow down and things mellow during this retrograde cycle, because it does not work that way. Pluto’s going backwards alright, right down into your shadow. It’s a good time to unpack some baggage lest you start projection vomiting it everywhere. And speaking of projection, pay particular attention to not projecting your issues on others. Pluto retrograde is a great time to take care of your issues.

The Moon

The moon is currently in Sagittarius, at 23 degrees, 12' 14", at a velocity of 14.6 degrees per day.

The Waxing Gibbous moon is currently 11.8 days old. It is 364863.87 km from the centre of the Earth.

The next new moon is at 13:50:46, 8 Aug 2021. The next full moon is at 12:02:15, 22 Aug 2021.

The Solar System at a Glance

Solar wind parameters were indicative of elevated solar wind speed and enhanced IMF, likely due to CH HSS and HCS proximity influences. Total IMF strength was primarily 5-7 nT and the Bz component varied, with a few prolonged periods of southward direction. Solar wind speed increased and reached values over 500 km/s as the period progressed. The phi angle was positive until shortly after 20/0700 UTC, when it oscillated between sectors.

There is a 25% chance of solar activity, with a 5% chance of a minor event, a 1% chance of a moderate event, and a 1% chance of a strong event.

Planetary Motions
Not in Retrograde
Mercury is currently in Cancer located at 16 Can 29' 45"
Next Retrograde starts on 27 September, 2021

Fun Fact About Mercury

Not in Retrograde
Venus is currently in Leo located at 29 Leo 20' 26"
Next Retrograde starts on 19 December, 2021
Not in Retrograde
Mars is currently in Leo located at 24 Leo 45' 11"
Next Retrograde starts on 30 October, 2022
In Retrograde at 00 Pis 42' 20"
Jupiter is currently in Pisces located at 00 Pis 42' 20"
Retrograde ends on 18 October, 2021
Jupiter is in Pisces Rulership: Retrograde effects are enhanced!
In Retrograde at 11 Aqu 03' 01"
Saturn is currently in Aquarius located at 11 Aqu 03' 01"
Retrograde ends on 11 October, 2021
Saturn is in Aquarius Rulership: Retrograde effects are enhanced!
Not in Retrograde
Uranus is currently in Taurus located at 14 Tau 26' 05"
Next Retrograde starts on 20 August, 2021
In Retrograde at 23 Pis 01' 31"
Neptune is currently in Pisces located at 23 Pis 01' 31"
Retrograde ends on 01 December, 2021
Neptune is in Pisces Rulership: Retrograde effects are enhanced!
In Retrograde at 25 Cap 28' 31"
Pluto is currently in Capricorn located at 25 Cap 28' 31"
Retrograde ends on 06 October, 2021
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