The next Libra will start in 237 days (Saturday, 23 September, 2023, 08:59 UTC)

The Moon moves to Libra in 11 days (Thursday, 09 February, 2023, 08:59 UTC)

Mercury moves to Libra in 249 days (Thursday, 05 October, 2023, 08:59 UTC)

Venus moves to Libra in 284 days (Thursday, 09 November, 2023, 08:59 UTC)

Mars moves to Libra in 211 days (Monday, 28 August, 2023, 08:59 UTC)

There are no planets in Libra at this time.

The Moon is moving from Virgo to Libra.

The Moon

The Moon is moving from Virgo to Libra in the next 24 hours.

Moon In Libra

Balance is the keyword with the moon in Libra. Resolve those conflicts and promote harmony. Be the diplomat you know you can be, but remember to stand your ground when you're strong on a point. You can be accommodating without giving in.

When the Moon is in the accommodating sign of Libra, you want to create tranquility and harmony. Libra doesn’t just appreciate balance, Libra also seeks out imbalance and gets medieval on it. Give in to that urge to win the Peace Prize. Libra’s sandbox is diplomacy, so the Moon in Libra gives you the ability to use your charm to get what you want.

#Moon #Libra #Virgo

Moon, you are never the dull one, always living it up in the cosmos! As you move from Virgo to Libra today, you can count on a day full of interesting conversations and hopefully some good news. People around you will be drawn to your witty and fashionable nature; you will be a positive force in any social situations. Celebrate this transition by dancing in the stars and shining brightly! #MoonPower #KanedaStyle #LibraMoon

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